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Vidyz Cloud Based Video Hosting


Take advantage of our free offer for Slide Capture.  Slide Capture lets you capture traffic that comes in through SEO or other means to your site.  When a visitor arrives at your site, a small slide window will open up on the left-hand side of your pages or post.  The slide window will contain a heading and a video with a call to action button.  You can either autoplay the video or not, but the autoplay will catch their attention


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Can’t keep track of sales or sales statistics?  Who are your best customers, best products and how are you doing overall?

We all have the same problem.  Keeping track of our sales performance for JVZoo product sales.  Affiliate Trax offers a simple solution to this difficult problem.  Using Affiliate Trax you can keep track of which offers are converting the best, how much profit per customer you’re making on every offer and our refund rates for the products you’re promoting. 

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Need a Video page in a hurry?  Need to get your video’s connected to a page that will attract visitors?  Maybe you need Instant Video Pages

Instant Video Pages is an easy to use software that lets you create high converting video pages quickly.  No complicated learning curve, just enter your basic information and you have a great video page.

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How would you like to get INSTANT Content, INSTANT Traffic & INSTANT Authority In Any Niche?

Super Jacker is a new cloud based software that allows you to hijack other sites, and legally use that content to build yourself as an authority figure in your business.

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Here’s A Few More Great Products!


Your own autoresponder without having to pay a monthly fee!

Let’s face it, you can play by all the rules and still have your autoresponder account cancelled.  You can loose  your business overnight and when you try to look for another service, you might find that a large persentage of your verified subscribers are filtered out when you try to import them into your new service. 

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Capture Your Visitors with a Bonus Offer!

HiJax adds your bonus page with the actual target sales page. This keeps you from loosing visitors information. It stops any video on the actual sales page and the hijjax video is displayed over the sales page. It also ads a timer bar that tells when the bonus offer is going away. It also cookies you to the sale if the visitor purchases the product.

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The #1 asset in your business is being taken away from you and even worst. you are not being compensated at all for it.

As affiliate marketers we have to learn to accept that when we send traffic to a sales page, and that traffic doesn’t buy the product we are promoting, that person can end up on the vendors email list instead of yours. Link Master provides tools to make sure you get the change to get the visitors email if they decide not to purchase from the sales page.

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