April 10, 2017

List Building for Beginners

I’m posting the 1st chapter of my List Building Blueprint  for your review.  One of the major stumbling blocks in getting started in Internet Marketing is learning to focus on the proper steps to get your on-line business organized.  There are specific steps you need to take to establish your presence on the Internet and begin to build a list of visitors to your site.

The first chapter will give you an overview of the initial steps that you will have to accomplish in order to get your Internet Marketing Site set up.  Take some time a review it.  If you are interested in the complete List Building Training Ebook, click the “More Information” button at the bottom of the page.  In any case, thanks for taking a look.

Chapter 1: Overview of the List Building Blueprint

First of all, in this chapter I wan to give you a very high level overview of how this system works.

After this chapter, I will explain each of these steps in a lot of detail, so you will never be guessing exactly what to do.

Don’t worry if it sounds confusing right now. I know that a lot of you are probably quite new to Internet Marketing – and you may not be familiar with all of the terms I’m going to mention.

So don’t worry – regardless of your skill level, you can easily implement this system.

OK – let’s get into a bit more detail.

What is this method all about?

In a nutshell, this method revolves around two things: affiliate marketing and list building.

Just in case you are not familiar with affiliate marketing – it is where you promote other people’s products and get paid a commission when a sale or specific action occurs. No need for stock or inventory. They give you a link, and you send visitors to that link.

When the visitors buy, you get paid a commission. Simple.

Next – let’s talk about list building.

With affiliate marketing, you have two options: you can send visitors directly to the offer (sales page). If they buy, you make a commission. If they don’t – they are gone for good.

That’s why we actually want to send all visitors to our email capture page (called squeeze page).

You will offer them something of value in exchange for the email address. Once you have their email address, you can continue marketing to them for the rest of your life.

This is why the phrase “the money is in the list” is very true.

This is how massive real online businesses are built.

There are people out there with 50,000 or 100,000 subscribers on their lists. In reality, it has taken these people several years to grow their subscriber list to that size so don’t expect anywhere near these numbers in the beginning. We’re going to start small and grow our list using techniques that we describe in the List Building Blueprint. Even a small list can provide a steady income and as you build your list and you will see the results begin to quicken.

When you send an email to a small list of 3,000 you can expect somewhere between 3 and 10% (or more) of people to click the link you have in that email. So that’s between 90 and 300 clicks you can get just by sending a simple email.

If those 300 clicks go to a page that converts at around say 3% and you make a $15 commission on whatever you’re promoting – this is $135 right there with one email.

If you get 3,000 clicks and conversion of 3% and commission of $20 – that’s $180 that you’ve made with just one email. Remember, some digital products will pay considerably more that $20 (some of these offers will pay 50-100% of the sales price for each order). We’ll get into this in more detail in later chapters.

So I really hope you can see the value of having a list.

So in the List Building Blueprint we’ll be focusing on growing our list and sending them affiliate promotions. In addition to that, we’ll be programming those promotional emails to go out to our list on autopilot – meaning all you need to do is send the traffic to the “squeeze page” (and I’ve got methods to show you how to do that too).

So let’s look into this step by step.

Step 1: We will select a Market (also known as Niche).

Selecting your “niche” is the single most important decision you’ll make. You’ll often be advised to choose a niche you’re passionate about. It could be a site about Dogs or other animals. or it could be a site about Playing the Guitar. The key issue will be to choose a niche that has a broad enough reach on the Internet to provide a steady stream of visitors looking for your type of product. Let’s face it, your goal is to develop a site that people will visit and be incentivized to purchase a product or service you offer. If there are minimal searches for your particular niche, then you can’t expect to have a lot of traffic. That said, we need to find niches that will support a reasonable amount of monthly search traffic.

There are several niches that are considered “evergreen” markets, since they have an established demands that will likely remain for a long period of time. Some of these are;

  • Weight Loss
  • Fitness
  • Making Money On-Line
  • Dating
  • Skin Condition, etc

For the purposes of this guide, I recommend you stick to one of these in the beginning:

  • Weight Loss
  • Fitness
  • Internet Marketing/Make Money On-Line

Feel free to choose whichever market you want, but the examples I’ll be giving you will be based on Weight Loss or Fitness niches, because that’s where many people have had a lot of success. I personally prefer the Internet Marketing niche because I enjoy helping others get there feet into the Online market, but you’ll be making the decision about your niche based on your interests.

Step 2: We will choose a great product in our target market

I’ll go through step by step how to find products that are already popular, products that people are already spending money on, and how you can be certain that you will make money too. This is an important step and will take a little effort on your part to make sure you have a product or service that will provide true benefit to your subscribers.

Step 3: We will choose even more products to promote to our customers

I will explain it in more detail later in the guide. In summary, you’ll be capturing the details of your customers (email address) as they visit your site, and then you’ll be promoting your main product to them as well as other related products.

Don’t worry – this is very easy!

For example, if our main product is a Fat-Loss PDF Guide, then our related products might be vitamins that assist weight loss, supplements that suppress appetite etc. You see where this is going? You’ll give your customers a full suite of solutions to help them and make reasonable commissions while doing it.

Step 4: You will create a free report to give away to our visitors in exchange for their email address

Again – do not be alarmed. This is a very quick and easy process. I will show you how you can get it done in under 30 minutes. (OK, it will take longer at first, but once you become familiar with the process, it gets much faster).

Step 5: You will set up a page to capture your customer email address (Squeeze Page)

Nothing technical here, it’s pretty easy.

You’ll find people who are interested in Weight Loss (or whatever your niche is), and you’ll invite them to visit your page.

You’ll offer them more information on the page in exchange for their email address.

By the way, this page is called “squeeze page” in Internet Marketing slang. It’s a basic sales page with an offer and an email capture box. Not a really big deal, it just has to be done right.

Once they enter their email, they will be redirected to the sales page of the product you have chosen in Step 2. You’ll set it up in such a way that a good number of people you send it to will buy the offer, and you’ll make a nice commission 🙂

Key point here is that you’ll capture the email addresses of a lot of people (not just those that buy the main offer).

Step 6: We will write emails to promote the products

This is where magic starts to happen. I’ll show you how to use what’s called an Autoresponder to make you money on Autopilot.

I’ll help you create a campaign that will last 30, 60 or even 90 days, meaning that you’ll not only have one chance to make a sale, but every time you email your subscribers.

And there is nothing stopping you from loading a full year worth of emails (I’ll show you how you can do this pretty easily).

Step 7: You will start driving web visitors (called traffic) through your Sales Funnel

The system that we’re going to set up is called “Sales Funnel” in Internet Marketing language.

I’ll show you my favorite ways of driving the visitors (I’ll call it “traffic” going forward).

What we will have are visitors coming to your Squeeze Page (see step 4), where they will enter their email address and be redirected to your main offer. Some will buy the main offer, some won’t. But we will capture the email address of both those that buy and those that don’t. And from there, our Autoresponder will start marketing to these people on Autopilot, bringing you ongoing sales and commissions!

I’m getting excited just writing this – I love this business so much. I hope you are excited too – so let’s jump into more detail.

In Chapter 2 we’ll start researching for a niche for your Website. This is an important step, so plan on spending some time and effort on this next step.

Your Assignment

  1. Make sure you understand the model described here (if not, re-read till you understand it)

I’ve included the Table of Contents for the List Building Blueprint for your review. If you’re interested in more information, just click the “More Information” button at the bottom of this page.

Table of Contents

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Preface: Welcome!
Chapter 1: List Building Overview
Chapter 2: Select A Niche for Your WebSite
Chapter 3: Stake Your Claim for Your Internet Real Estate
Chapter 4: Basic Website Creation
Chapter 5: Selecting the Correct Affiliate Networks for Your Site
Chapter 6: Finding Digital Products for Your Site
Chapter 7: Finding Physical Products For Your Site
Chapter 8: Finding eBay Products
Chapter 9: Your Free Gift to Site Visitors
Chapter 10: Setting Up Your Squeeze Page
Chapter 11: Setting Up Your Thank You Page
Chapter 12: Setting Up an Auto-responder
Chapter 13: Going Live With Your Squeeze Page
Chapter 14: Setting Up Your Autopilot
Chapter 15: Driving Traffic to Your Site
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