It’s well known that scarcity helps buyers make up their minds about an investment in products of all types.


So How do I help them make up their minds?

  • Install the FREE Click Bar WP Plugin
  • Instantly add scarcity to your product or service
  • Watch your conversions increase

Designed to add scarcity to a page or post, Click Bar adds a countdown timer bar to either the top or bottom of your post or page. It lets you enter a text block that tells the visitor what the countdown timer is all about and when the offer will end.

You can set the color of the bar and the countdown date that you want it to count down to. The Bar Text entry lets you to put your information in that describes what’s going on. You can then add the button text which will display in the button (i.e., click here). You will then enter your redirect link that you want to redirect the visitor to once they click the button. Click Bar will then create a shortcode that you can past onto any page or post