My MailIt Autoresponder

Most of us play by the rules, we have decent open rates, very few spam complaints and by all accounts you’re an “Ideal Sender”.  Suppose that out of the blue your autoresponder service goes down and you’re virtually out of business.  No emails means no business and no reason given by your autoresponder service on what happened.  You’re left in the dark.  It would be great if this was restricted to a specific autoreponder service provider, but it can happen with any one of them.

Horror stories abound on the internet about how the major autoresponder services treat their customers,  Some restrict how you import your subscriber list.  Sometimes they will filter out verified subscribers for no reason that you know are spam compliant. Let’s face it, they control how our email is handled and who can be on it.

Well there is an alternative!  Brett Rutecky, my favorite code guru, has developed the cloud based, My MailIt Autoresponder and it’s about time.  Since My MailIt is cloud based software, setup is pretty straight forward.  There are complete video tutorials built into the dashboard to help you on your way.  Think about it, a professional level Autoresponder sevice with a one-time fee.  No monthly invoices, no up charges when you subscriber list grows and you choose how many and how often you send your emails.  Check out some of the features below;

  • One time charge for My Mailit
  • You Choose when and how many emails to send
  • You choose what’s in your emails
  • No third party crippling your business
  • You decide what web platform to use
  • Fully cloud based so no local installation required
  • Complete video training inside the dashboard
  • Autnatically filters out invalid emails on import
  • Minimizes bounces while increasing delivery rates
  • CAN SPAM SPF & DKIM compliant
  • Lets your send formatted HTML emails
  • 1-click List Cleaning feature
  • Direct integration to many other popular systems
  • Versatile.  Send from your own site or with an SMTP relay
  • Powerful WYSIWYG message creator
  • Easily craft engagind emails
  • Create OPT-IN forms in seconds using drag and drop form tool
  • Choose from 48 built-in templates or create your own
  • Easily set up Autoresponse messages
  • Create unlimited Autoresponder sequences
  • Full subscriber stats including open, click and bounce tracking