Insta-Funnel is a product created by Brett Rutecky, designed for IM Marketers that are trying to build up their email list.

Basically Insta-Funnel is designed to be an online business that is done for you. You don’t need any of the normal mechanisms since Insta-Funnel takes care of most of the hard work for you.

You don’t need any of the following since they are all provided for inside Insta-Funnel.

  • Lead Magnet
  • Squeeze Page
  • No Aut0responder
  • No email follow up

Insta-Funnel provides a complete system that includes the following:

  • A Free lead magnet product that is used to start the process. This lead magnet includes 7 Banner Ads to choose from.
  • The Form Embed code (if you want to embed a lead magnet form on your own site or page.
  • Your Lead Magnet URL that directs opt-ins to the Product Download Page
  • Followup Email Sequence that will be sent out to your optin list automatically.

A nice feature in Insta-Funnel is that if you don’t have an autoresponder,  you can download a .csv file containing all the optins that have occurred.  In addition, you can view all the statistics relating to all activity that you’ve generated.


In order to use the system, you will need to sign up to JVZOO ( a free sign up) to obtain an affiliate ID to set the system up.  This number will then be entered into the Insta-Funnel Settings Page to identify you as the recipient of the optin information and any subsequent product sales made via the email sequences. A nice feature is the option to enter a retargeting code in the settings page if you desire one
When your subscriber decides to purchase any of the products, they will be directed to a professionally designed sales page which provides complete details on the specific item and has been designed to convert well.
You will receive 100% commission for any sales of the above products.

A series of  emails will be sent out automatically for you on a daily basis over a 7 day period. Each email will present your subscriber an opportunity to purchase the following quality products;

  • Jack Jacker Gold
  • Link Master
  • Profit Canvas
  • Affiliate Trax
  • Video Takeover
  • Brett’s Circle Agency


In order to generate traffic to your Lead Magnet, you might consider any of the traffic generating techniques;

  • Post the Lead Magnet graphics to your website
  • Boost a Post on your Facebook Fan Page using the Lead Magnet
  • Run a Facebook Ad
  • Post to your Facebook Group
  • Use Forum marketing to attract visitors