Let’s Face It, We Would All Like to Get Instant Traffic, Authority and Content in Any Niche!!

Well, Super Jacker in a cloud-based software that lets you hijack other people’s sites and legally use their content and authority to get you leads and more sales.  We all want more leads and sales, but for beginners, it’s hard to create good content easily and it takes a lot of time to build yourself up as an authority figure in your business.

If you’re new to Internet Marketing or just eager to increase your subscriber base, then Super Jacker will help you move your business toward the success you’ve been looking for.


Just Think:

  •  With Super Jacker you don’t need a website or hosting to use it!
  • You can hijack almost any site with multiple jack types!
  • You can add you own opt-in form, bonus offer or Call to action to other people’s content!
  • Fully Drag and Drop and super easy to use!
  • Hijack website links and redirect them to where you want!

Creating a Slide

Super Jacker gives you the ability to create SLIDES using the drag and drop widgets. The SLIDES are the thing you are going to put over the sites you want to jack.  These slides caon be for any purpose including opt-in forms, a video page or a page with text, images, HTML code and a PayPal button.  Your SLIDE will be designed by you for whatever purpose you intend.

When you are creating a SLIDE, you have the following widgets available to use and they are all fully drag and drop;

Button Hot Box Link
Text Image
Graphic Art You Tube Video Code
HTML Countdown Timer
PayPal Button

 Creating a Jack

This is where you actually jack other people’s websites.  You need to enter the following information to jack a website;

The Jack URL – This would be the URL of the page you want to jack

Short Code – This is the code that identifies this specific jack to the software.  It also becomes part of the URL of the jack.  You should enter in a short code relevant to the site you are jacking.

Link Jack URL – This will jack all the links inside the website you are jacking.  This will redirect to any URL that you specify

Custom Code Section – This will display in a dropdown with all the slide that you have previously created.  You can also enter any custom code in this section and it will become part of your jacked website


cURL:  You jack the website and all the meta tags and meta content.  If you share a jacked website it will look exactly as if it is the actual website.  The down side is that is doesn’t retain any of the cookies.  This is only option that allows you to capture all the links inside the the website.  The cURL jack is ideal if what you really want is instant content or authority of the selected website you are jacking.

IFRAME;  The IFRAME Jack will retain all the cookies so if you are doing any type of affiliate promos and want to put a bonus or special offer over the sales page that you’re promoting as an affiliate, the the IFRAME type is great. This would be ideal if what your trying to do is to jack the sales page of an affiliate product you’re promoting.  This would give you the opportunity to put your bonus page or video on top of the sales page.