PRO: Excellent Training Program for Using Facebook Groups to get traffic
CON: None really. It will require you to study the training videos.

Social Traffic

Let’s face it.  Facebook is a power house and we need to use it to increase our ability to reach potential subscribers.  An often underused feature of Facebook is Facebook Groups.  We’re going to help you understand the power of Facebook Groups in this fantastic training program.



Why not take advantage of the power of Facebook to connect you to potential subscribers? It’s not that hard and Bretts Social Traffic System gives you all the tools you need to get started.

As usual, Brett Rutecky has done the homework for us and provided a comprehensive training program for using Facebook Groups to increase traffic to our website.

Social Traffic System is a training system designed by Brett Rutecky to get you all the information you need to get your Facebook Group up and running

The in-depth training consist of 13 videos that take you by the hand and help you work through the process of getting your Facebook Group up and running properly. Brett covers the following areas in detail:

  • Creating Your Group
  • Your First Post and Using the Files Section
  • Manually Adding Members (to get started only, not a good idea other wise)
  • Using Facebook Ads
  • Boosting Your Posts
  • Using Forums
  • Backend Bonuses
  • Approving Members and Posts
  • Making Posts to Your Group
  • Giving Away Free Stuff
  • Image Maker Pro and FB Link Post 3
  • Demo of an Actual Promo
  • Closing Remarks

The Free Image Maker Pro and FB Link Post software are great tools to help you get maximum effect from your posts. As usual, Brett provides training on using the tools built directly into the software, so training on using these tools is always available.

I ran through all of the training videos and frankly I learned a few important items that I wasn’t aware of .  Brett is really spot on with this training system and I’m impressed with the coverage and detail that is included.  In addition, I really like the two softwares that are included.  The Image Maker Pro makes it simple to create a new Facebook post for your Group and the FB Link Post makes the posting a no brainer.  These are really powerful tools for you to use for your posts.

This Training System is Approved!

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