ABOUT ME – Much Ado About Nothing

Mikes Pic  I guess it’s a common thing to tell the who and why about yourself when running an Affiliate Marketing business. By jumping over a few of my younger years I’ll keep this whole thing manageable and a little shorter.

I’ve been in the computer industry for many years, and typically spent my time in networking, software, hardware and support related areas. I’ve run several successful computer and software support related businesses over the years.
Our Building I opened my first business in 1971 and I operated it until 2000 when I sold it to a larger competitor. It was a great experience that taught me a lot about dealing with customers, making and keeping commitments and how to run a business that can last. Don’t get me wrong, my company was never really large, at our height I employed 20+ people and we supported a pretty large area around Chicago, IL.

After I sold the company, I thought about retiring, but after several months of that I just had to find something to do with my time. I don’t golf, and frankly, being around the house all day is just not my cup of tea. I took a position with a major manufacturer of commercial HVAC systems as their Director of Information Technology. It was a challenging job, with a large number of users and multiple Microsoft and IBM AS400 servers.

After three years with the HVAC company I was approached by a large ($500 million) food service hardware manufacture to link their manufacturing plants into a single data center. With eight plants spread across the USA and one in Sydney, Australia it was a significant project and frankly, a lot of fun. As VP of Information Systems, I spent a lot of front-end time getting familiar with the multiple systems installed in their various plants. I directed a great team of software and hardware technicians and we installed new software for the engineering department as well as new AS400 software for accounting and the production side. My IT group worked closely with senior management when they closed one of the manufacturing plants and consolidated the manufacturing into a central location in southern Georgia where the Data Center was going to be setup.

burnout After three years of constant travel, meetings and negotiations, frankly I was burned out. The thought of getting to another 6:30AM flight to Tampa or Ft. Worth was too much to think about. In addition, the company had decided that all management would have to relocate to their Georgia manufacturing complex. I was unwilling to make that move permanently since all of my family, my wife, my 5 children were all back in the Chicago area. My agreement with the company ensured me a 1-year buyout at full pay, so I took the buyout and returned to Chicago.

Our BuildingI tried to retire again, but I knew that I wouldn’t be able to for any length of time. Fortunately, I was approached by an HVAC company in Chicago for a project to install a complete accounting, sales and manufacturing system for their operation. It seemed like a quick way to keep busy for a while, so I accepted the job as a contract worker for the project. After I got everything installed and operational, the company ask if I would stay on as a full-time employee as their General Manager. I was having a lot of fun with the job, so I accepted. Over the next 3 years the company grew and and moved into several new HVAC markets that were really exciting. At this time my wife was diagnosed with early onset Alzheimer’s and I decided it would be best if I were to retire for real and spend more time at home. Being at home was not as bad this time, since I had found the Internet and Internet Marketing to be a place where I could use some of my talents. I started an on-line store for electronic parts that did reasonably well still gives me a few sales today. It’s set up with WooCommerce and takes very little of my time on a daily basis.

I created several websites for companies that were related to the HVAC company and got familiar with Joomla and WordPress for websites. I picked up a bit of PHP, Java and other software, but decided that I really didn’t want to become a coder and that the affiliate marketing side seemed the thing to really get into.

I finally ran into Mike from Maine and Brett Rutecky on-line and got hold of several of their training classes on Affiliate Marketing. About this time, I also discovered Jono Armstrong, watched a lot of his YouTube videos and took one of his training courses.  I loved the concept and felt that it would be a great way to make a little money from home but would also be intellectually challenging. I think all of them are amazing guys who really understand what we need to do to be successful at this IM thing.

I’m still learning every day, trying to build my list and learn more about how to market affiliate products properly. It’s been a longer journey that I thought initially, but I’m closer to the end than to the beginning.

The IM Life