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Hmmm.....It's always interesting to read the "About Us" on other websites to see who the heck is producing that particular piece of artwork.  Don't get me wrong, not all of what we put on these "About Us" pages even remotely resembles an artistic endeavor.  But let's face facts, when you're writing about yourself, a few embellishments are bound to creep in regardless of how hard you try to be accurate. Some of these embellishments border on the edge of an art form, so I tend to give the writer a lot of latitude. 

In my case, what can I say.  I've been around quite a while and I've been actively involved in electronics, computers and software for most of my life. I hate to have to admit that I worked as a technician on components of the CIM-10 Bomarc missile for a sub-contractor on that project.  That was a long time ago and it was the last of the air-breather SAM missiles.  At the same contractor I worked on mag-amp servo systems for the SAC bomber project. Again, that was a long time ago.

I can also admit that I worked on the first fully transistorized computer, the RCA 501 as a service engineer, but that too was a long time ago also.   So in order to keep this from becoming a full-fledged book, I will jump ahead a bunch of years to something closer to the present.

I formed a computer services company some years ago and we focused on supporting multi-user computer systems with software, hardware and networking support.  This grew into three companies and we provided support in Chicago, Detroit and Madison, Wisconsin.  After 30 years of this, I sold the companies and set out to retire.  

Retirement did not suit me and I found myself in a consulting capacity for a Fortune 100 manufacturer as IT Director of one of their subsidiaries.  This lasted for three years and I was offered a consulting situation as VP of Information Technologies for a US based 500 million dollar subsidiary of an English manufacturer.  I really loved this job, but the amount of travel was a killer.  With 8 plants scattered from Oregon to Sydney, Australia, living on a plane became part of my life and and as much as I enjoyed the job, my wife wasn't happy with me being gone all the time.  I parted ways with the company and decided that retirement was now my goal.

Retirement was an absolute bore.  I can't figure out how anybody can actually retire.  What do you do with all the free time?  I about went nuts.  I was offered a consulting position with a local Commercial HVAC contractor as General Manager.  I installed a new computer system with some great commercial software, and reorganize the business to capture job costing information for better cost control and the company really took off.  The company doubled in size over the next 3 years and I found myself bored again.  Not a lot of challenges and too much time on my hands.  At this point I decided it really was time to retire.

So here I am, trying my hand at this fantastic Internet Marketing thing.  It's hard to get bored with Internet Marketing, since things change so quickly that you can always find something new to keep you interested.  I currently have an on-line product store that markets electronic components, and this fledgling IM site where I review new products for the Make Money On Line Market.   I'm still learning new things about Internet Marketing and hope that I can share some of them with people like you who want to take advantage of what the Internet has to offer.  Hopefully, I can be of some small help along the way, so stay tuned.  There's more to come.

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