Vendor: Brett Rutecky
PRO: _Great way to track your JVZOO sales plus a ton of video training on IM Marketing
CON: _A bit pricy, but the included video training is definitely worth it.

This is a review of Affiliate Trax, a great combination of a JVZOO sales statistics software. It also includes a ton of added video training that covers just about every aspect of Internet Marketning! Take a look at my review below.


This is a review of one of Brett’s most ingenious products. Affiliate Trax is made up of both software and video training. It was created to provide a method of capturing the sales statistics from JVZoo when you make a sale of your affiliate product.

When you sign up for an affiliate product in JVZoo you will need to enter a Call-Back URL provided by the Affiliate Trax software. This URL will be entered into the “Affiliate JVZIP Integration” field that you will find just below your Autoresponder Integration field when you sign up.

When a sale is made, all of the sales information, including the email address of the people who buy it.

Affiliate Trax also includes the tools to review your sales statistics, including product information, and statistics on your sales.

In addition to the above, a complete video training series has been produced by Brett and Mike from Main to cover the essential areas of Affiliate Marketing. The 28 video sessions contain a wealth of clear, concise information that is worth more than the cost of the Affiliate Trax system itself.

  • This software gives you full visibility of things like…
  • Total Sales
  • Total Sales Value
  • Total Refunds
  • Total Customers
  • Average Sales Value
  • Refund percent
  • Total Products
  • Average Customer Value

this Detailed information is available for;

  • Product Name (Total Tracked Sales, Dollar Value, Total Refunds, Customer Refund %)
  • Customer Name (Total Sales by Customer, Dollar Value, Total Refunds, Refund %)
  • Customer Location (Total Tracked Sales in this country % of all sales, Dollar value)
  • Vendor (Name, Dollar Value, Vendor Refunds, Vendor Refund %)

I think you’ll agree that having detailed information on your sales can be a powerful tool to help you evaluate your sales activities.  In addition, the video training sessions are down to earth, no holds barred traioning, covering Internet Marketing.


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