Vendor: Brett Rutecky
PRO: Easily add talking Bot's to your Posts and capture more visitors on your website
CON: It could use a few more avatars and voices.


Capture visitors when they land on your page!

CTA BOTS keeps your visitors on your site by using a talking Bot to tell your story. 

A Review of CTA BOTs

Leave it to Brett Rutecky to come up with a great tool to help you keep visitors on you site when they  visit.

The CTA BOT plays on either side of the bottom of your page when it opens.  You can enter the text that the Bot will speak and the text that will display on the Bot CTA section.
CTA BOT couln’t be easier to set up.  Just a few entries and your Bot is ready to go to work for you. You can select the specific Bot you want to use and the voice that the Bot will speak.  The Bot will begin speaking when the page loads and will speak your text once.  You can also select the physical actions that the Bot uses to match the action with the text that the Bot is Speaking.

When you finish setting up your BOT, it creates an embed code that you can copy and past onto any of your WordPress pages or posts.  When that page loads, the BOT will spring into action and catch your visitors attention.
CTA BOT comes with CTA Jacker which is a WordPress Plugin that your can install on your website.  This lets you control the CTA BOTS to run on specific pages or posts that you dictate without having to copy the embed code.  All you have to do is to enter the URL to Jack, the ID number of the CTA BOT you want to use.  You will also need to specify the left or right side to display the BOT and the URL address shortcode that you want to use….As simple as that!

The bottom line on CTA BOT is that it’s a great cloud-based tool that can really help you to keep more of your traffic on your pages.  Easy to use, a small investment in your on-line business, and a very powerful tool.

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