Welcome to our Freebie page.

We’ve loaded this page with some great, FREE WP Plugins that you’re going to love.

You may not need all of them, but you’re sure to find one or two that will be useful .


FB Pixel Insert WP Plugin

The FB Pixel Insert can save you the effort of getting the FB Pixel Code into your pages and posts.  Just paste your FB Code into the Code field provided by FB Pixel Insert and you’re done.  FB Pixel Insert will put this code into every single page on your website.

In The End WP Plugin

Any time you do product reviews, you need to make sure that you have complied with the FTC rule that requires you to display a disclaimer if you receive compensation for your endorsement. In The End places your FTC compliance statement on the bottom of every page or post on your site.



BackUP WP Plugin

Probably the most sensitive part of any WordPress site is the database. Plugins can be added back, themes can be re-installed, but if your WordPress database gets hacked or is corrupted then you are in big trouble. The database is where all the irreplaceable stuff is kept. Your posts, your pages, your content, your comments, everything that makes up your WordPress site is in the database.


Support Chat WP Plugin

The Support Chat WP Plugin provides you with the ability to offer chat capability to specific pages or post on your website.  The software includes the ability to offer live chats when you are available on the internet, or to receive emails to a selected URL when you are not available on-line.  In both cases the visitor is able to see if live chat is currently available.

Slide Capture WP Plugin

Slide Capture is an interesting WP Plugin that lets you capture traffic that comes in through SEO or other means.  When a visitor arrives at your site, a small slide window will open up on the left hand side of  page or post.

Jack Jacker WP Plugin

This is the original Jack Jacker plugin, which allows you to jack any web page and put your own call to action text over it. Jack Jacker is designed specifically to work with CPA OFFERS, AFFILIATE MARKETING OR NICHE MARKETING. 

FB LinkPost WP Plugin

A great way to put pages and posts on Facebook.  This is a super plugin that I use all the time.  It’s easy to create and post to FB and best of all, it’s FREE.

Profit Canvas WP Insert Plugin

If you’ve already gotten Profit Canvas, then this WP Plug in is a great addon.  It really works well with Profit Canvas and can save you a lot of time and effort when building your pages.

WP Content Lock Plugin

A quick and simple way to lock your premium content that will only let visitors who provide their email address to access the content.

WP Clickbar

A great way to jack a page or post.  The clickbar provides a way to insert your Call To Action bar on any page or post.

WP Currently Viewing Plugin

Display the number of people currently viewing one of your pages or post.

WP Bounce Baby

A neat WP plugin that helps to reduce your “Bounce” rate.

WP Embed

This is an intersting little WordPress plugin that allows you to pull in 3rd party service output / website into your domain without any link clicks breaking the illusion of the hosting actually being on your site yet while still retaining the SEO value, meta tags, Facebook tags etc. from the target website. In addition, it allows you to embed other websites into your WP website.

WP My Mail It

This is a great little WordPress Plugin that can provide you with an lite autoresponder that can help you get your list started with out any costs.  This FREE plugin installes easily into WP and lets you setup your own websites SMTP mail system to capture optin emails.  It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles, but it is a great way to get started without spend a lot of money.  The price is right….Its FREE

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