Vendor: Brett Rutecky
PRO: Provides the tools to create a niche video site quickly.
CON: Text can come back with potential errors that might need to be corrected

Create your video site fast!  A review of Instant Video Site

Instant Video Sites for your niche in a hurry!  This is a WP plugin that lets you create your video site using a search for videos on YouTube.

Search for YouTube video content for your site

A great tool for creating Niche websites.  This is a WP plugin that allows you to enter search words in You Tube that will create posts on your website.  The plugin will pull either the caption or the description into you page.  The caption from the video (the conversion from the audio to text) can be added to your post. This helps in SEO since Google prefers natural text in determining the value of a web page.  

This is probably not the best for your main site, since the text conversion may be a little off, but it’s great for other sites that link to your main site.  This is like building a private blog network that links to your main site.  Once you have downloaded the video, you can edit the text to correct any major conversion errors that occurred during the You Tube download.

All you do is enter your keywords (as many as you want) and search YouTube for relevant videos that match the keywords. These are displayed on your screen and you’re allowed to review each of the videos. 

You can also enter specific keywords that when encountered on the video text, will become a redirect link back to a URL you specify.

You can specify the category that each of the posts are posted to.  You can also specify that any duplicate post is just updated so that you do not wind up with duplicate post on your site.

The plugin will also pull out any links to other sites that have been placed in the video.

The plugin does require a Google API key, but one is provided in case you don’t want to go to the trouble to obtain your own

This is a really nice WP Plugin that could be a handy addition to your video tool box.

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