Vendor: Brett Rutecky
PRO: Easy to use WP Plugin that lets you put a call to action bar on top of a great content page.
CON: I would have liked to be able to send page links to a different URL than the CTA URL

Jack any web page and put your own Call to Action text over it.


This is the upgraded version of Brett’s Jack Jacker WordPress plugin. This version has additional features that let you change links on the pages you jack to point to your own URL. It also lets you add your own HTML code inside of the jacked pages.

Allows people to jack any web page and put their own call to action text over it. Jack Jacker is designed specifically to work with CPA OFFERS, AFFILIATE MARKETING OR NICHE MARKETING.

We all recognize that providing quality content for our visitors is a priority.  Doing so adds authority to our site and satisfies Googles criteria of providing good content to site visitors.  The user has to be able to trust you.  If they don’t you won’t get any clicks.

By adding Jack Jacker on a page, you use the content to attract traffic to your website and the Call to Action on the page to build subscribers who click the link to access your free offer.  Find an article that you really like that has great content relative to your website and create a Jack to link that content page to your offer.The Jack you created loads up the URL you selected with the Jack Bar at the top of the display.

Jack Jacker does not use iFrames since this would be copyright infringement without the permission of the Jacked site.  Instead, Jack Jacker asks the site on the fly and puts the actual content of the page on your website. Since it doesn’t use iFrames all the meta tags and graphics are all on your website. If you post this page to Facebook or other social networks and the visitor clicks the image, they will be redirected to your page with the Jack Bar on it.


Jack Jacker Gold is unbranded, and you have reseller rights to the PlugIn.

Input Screen

  • Select WP Page:
  • URL to Jack:
  • Bar Color:
  • Bar Text:
  • Bar Text Color:
  • Link URL:  The URL you want them to go to if they click
  • Custom HTML: You can insert HTML code into this field.  You can enter the code for a Popup (as an example).  Just paste the code into the HTML field.  This HTML code will then appear on the Jacked page and can be  an exit popup or something similar that will direct your visitor to a redirect.

Jack Page Links: (Yes or No) This will make every single link that is on the page you Jacked to point to wherever I entered into my URL to Jack.

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