Yes, of course you do.  The FB Pixel Code lets you track your visitors data so you can create custom re-targeting ads using this data.

Your FB Pixel Code is nothing more than a section of code that is provided by Facebook to install on your posts and pages. It’s used to track data by collecting data from all the visitors that visit your page or post. This can help you target these visitors and collect the necessary information to re-target them with content or offers that match their specific interests.

As important as your FB Pixel is, it’s still a pain to add it to each of your pages, particularly if you already have a lot of pages and posts created.

FB Pixel Insert will automatically add your Pixel data to every page and post on your site, saving you a lot of time and effort.

You can also use FB Pixel Insert to add anything you want to add to all of your pages. You can enter your Google Analytics code, Popup Code, tracking code or anything else that you want to be added to every page and post of your site.

You miss out on a lot of potential subscribers without the FB Pixel on each of your pages and post.

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