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Get Instant Content, Instant Traffic and Authority in any Niche!

Super Jacker is a cloud based software that allows you to hijack other website content and legally use their content and authority to get you leads and help you make sales.


A Review Of Super Jacker

All of us want to provice our site visitors great content and some value when they land on our website.  But let’s face it, it’s hard to provide good content on a regular basis.  Like yourselves, I occassionally run across an article that would be of interest to my visitors and I’d like to make sure they have a chance to see it also.  Well, Super Jacker takes the mystery out of getting great content up on your website.

With the Super Jacker software;

  • You don’t need a website or hosting to use it.  It’s cloud-based and hosts your jacks for you.
  • You can hijack almost any site with multiple ‘jack types’.
  • You can add your own optin form, bonus offer, or Call To Action on other people’s content.
  • Fully drag-and-drop editor.
  • Hijack website links and redirect them to your URL
  • A great way to get instant content, traffic and authority!

In addition to all this, you can create Jacks and attach them to Slides that you create using Super Jacker.  The Jacks are the actual mechanism that links to other people’s website pages.  To create the Jack you enter the following information;

  • The Jack URL – This would be the URL of the page you want to jack
  • The Sort Code – This will be part of the URL to the Jack and should be something that relates to the site you’re going to jack.
  • The Link Jack URL – This will jack all of the links inside the website page you are jacking.  This will redirect to an URL that you specify.  You must use the cURL option in order to jack all of the links on the jacked page.


  • cURL:  You jack the website and all the meta tags and meta content.  If you share a jacked website it will look exactly as if it is the actual website.  The downside is that is doesn’t retain any of the cookies.  This is only option that allows you to capture all the links inside the website.  The cURL jack is ideal if what you really want is instant content or authority of the selected website you are jacking.
  • IFRAME; The IFRAME Jack will retain all the cookies so if you are doing any type of affiliate promos and want to put a bonus or special offer over the sales page that you’re promoting as an affiliate, the IFRAME type is great. This would be ideal if what your trying to do is to jack the sales page of an affiliate product you’re promoting.  This would give you the opportunity to but your bonus page or video on top of the sales page.


  • Slides are the things that you are going to put over the sites that you’re jacking or you can embed the slide embed codes into your own website.  These slides can be used for any purpose including opt-in forms, a video page with opt-in, etc,.  You can create Slides using the nine drag-and-drop widgets.  Each widget has its own prticular options that relate to that widget.  When you create your Jack, you can select the Slide that you want to use with the Jack using the drop down display of all the Slides.

In summary, I likes the Super Jacker for its easy of use and easy learn ramp.  You can easily create your first Jake and Slide in less than 15 minutes and even faster as you get familiar with it.  Based on my review, I approve this product. 

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