Vendor: Philip Johansen
PRO: Great Video Training Series covering Affiliate Marketing Details
CON: A lot of detail to absorb but Philip does hand hold you through the process
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I’m reviewing The Kingdom Builder, a complete video based training blueprint for achieving success in Affiliate Marketing.  Created by Philip Johansen, the Kingdom Builder is presented in 4 Phases that provide  step-by-step instructions on how to build your Affiliate Marketing busines.

You’ll cover the following areas in detail;

  • Finding Keywords that Work
  • Creating and Editing your YouTube Videos
  • How to Upload and Optimize Your Videos
  • How to Properly Share Your Videos Online
  • How to Design and Setup the Perfect Freebie Offer

I went through the training videos pretty quickly, but the content seems to match the sales pitch.  There’s a lot of detail that’s covered that generally gets glossed over in the typical training video. It looks like Philip tried hard to give you a lot if information that you’ll need to become successful.  I didn’t cover any ot the Pro level training, since the Front End is a inexpensive place to start with to find out it the training meets your needs.   In addition to the above, the Front End also provides you with the training to;

  • Get more targeted views
  • Get more traffic and leads
  • Get Philips secret top traffic method
  • Learn how to create your opt-in page for even more passive income
  • Learn how to know what to do to get more people to buy
  • Learn how to rapidly scale your channel for even more buyers
  • Learn how to design and setup your freebie offer
  • and Learn how to ensure that your videos will be found on Youtube by your ideal customer

Take a look at the video below and if your interested in this type of in depth training, click the link below to look at more information on The Kingdom Builder.


The Kingdom Builder

Set Sail to Your Success with Kingdom Builder

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