PRO: Easy to use, great features and a supurb price for a Video Hosting Service
CON: If you have a large number of videos, you'll need an OTO to upgrade your account, still not expensive

Today I’m reviewing the VIDYZ Video Hosting service created by Brett Rutecky. This cloud-based hosting service for videos is another fine product from Brett that doesn’t require a lot of effort on your part and offers a nice mix of power and capability.

Let’s face it, You Tube has the market covered for hosting videos and they do it for free. Sounds pretty good to me, but there is a problem with hosting your videos on You Tube if you’re an affiliate marketer. You see, originally, You Tube had options that would allow you to turn off all the social sharing features of the video player. You could set the video to auto play so you could catch your visitors’ attention immediately. In addition, it would also let you make the videos private and embed them on your site. This was great for training videos, squeeze pages, sales pages and all kinds of marketing videos.

In 2018, You Tube took away the option to remove the social share aspects of their player and also removed the auto play capability. Instead, if your video is paused, they display multiple videos unrelated to the video you are presenting to your visitors. In effect, all of your visitors are bombarded with up to 8 links that can distract or steal your traffic from you.

Don’t get me wrong, You Tube is still a viable option for those videos that are being used for basic social interaction. But, if your intent is to use your videos for affiliate marketing, these distractions are overwhelming and can result in lost traffic and reduced conversions for your affiliate marketing efforts.

• Fully Customizable Video Player Included
• Easily Share and Embed Anywhere (Works with all page builders)
• You Can Add Clickable Links Right in the Video
• Sell Products INSIDE videos with Buy Buttons
• Powerful Analytics and Tracking Included
• Total Views
• Unique Views
• Unique Plays
• Avg Play Time
• Location of views on world map
• Viewer IP
• Videos are SEO Optimized
• Social Media Ready Video Pages
• Supports Full HD Videos
• 100% Mobile Friendly
• Coverts Your Videos to Animated GIF’s
• You Can Add Timers Slides, Opt-in Forms and Call to Actions to your videos.
• Auto-Redirect at The End of The Video

Videos are uploaded to the VIDYZ system by selecting “My Videos” on the main dashboard. A display of all of your current videos will appear with a “Upload Video” button at the top right of the display. Selecting this will open up the Upload New Video screen. Browse for the video that you want to upload and select the ”Upload Now” button. Once your video is uploaded, it will appear in the My Video display.

Once your video is uploaded you can edit it, delete it, view it or generate the embed code using the icons on the right side of the display.
At this point you’ll want to edit your video settings to make sure that the video is setup the way that you want. You will enter information on the Edit Video Settings Page as follows:

Video Name – This is the name that you will use to identify the video for you.
Video Thumbnail – You can browse for a video thumbnail to use for the video.
On End Redirect – This is the URL that you want to redirect your visitor to when the video ends.
Lower Third Text – This is the text that will appear at the lower third location on your video.
Lower Third Link – This is the URL that your visitor will be redirected to if they click on the lower third text
Make Video Public – Yes or No – If you select Yes, your video location will be visible to anyone that has the URL to the video.
Video Description – A brief description of your video
Page Button Text – The text you want to appear on the page button
Page Button Link – The URL (full including the http/https://) that the visitor will be redirected to if they click the Page Button
Use Slide – This is a drop-down list of all of the slides that you have created. By selecting a Slide, it will be attached to the video and will be activated during the playing of the video
Show Time – This is the time that the Slide will be activated during the playing of your video. The time will be entered using MM:SS format.

Once you’ve completed the settings, click the Save Video Settings Button

Slides allow you to add things like Call to Actions, Clickable Links, Graphics and all sorts of things in your video. The slide is created using Drag and Drop widgets. These widgets include:
• Create Button
• Color Box
• Hot Box
• Text
• Graphics
• Clip Art
• PayPal Button

On the Generate Video Embed screen enter;
Video Width: the default is 560px. This is the minimum side that will display any Slides that you create for the video.
Video Controls: Yes / No: This will determine whether the video controls will be displayed on your video.
Control Bar Color: This will be the color of the video control bar. You can change this color to match your sites color theme.
Autoplay Video: Yes or No: This will set whether or not the video will autoplay when it opens on the web page or post.
• Generate Code Now: Clicking this button will generate the embed code that you’ll use to get your embed code for this video.
This embed code can now be copied and pasted into any of your pages or posts to display your video.
Once you’ve created your slide it will appear in a “Use Slide” drop-down list on the My Videos Edit Page near the bottom of the page. If you select a slide for that video, you can then enter the “Show Time” for the slide. This will then set the slide to appear in the video at the selected time.

You should note that if you’re going to use a slide in your video make sure that the width of the video is set to 560px minimum. The Slide will not display if the width is less than this size

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